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About Cpyoga

In 1977, Yoga was barely heard of in Portugal and Spain.

It was the search for an autonomous method of inner development that led Carlos Rui first contact with Hatha Yoga techniques.

After years of study and intense practice, several Yoga instructor trainings in Portugal England and India, in 1986, with the desire to inspire and motivate other people in the discovery of Yoga, the teacher Carlos Rui

and a group of Yoga students and practitioners officially found CPYOGA in Lisbon.

CPYOGA thus appears with the aim of dignifying, transmitting and disseminating the practice of Yoga as an Art and lifestyle.

Nowadays, the CPYOGA community extends to other cities such as Braga and Santo Tirso, and is also spread across several countries, such as Spain (Valencia, Barcelona and Tenerife), contributing to improving the quality of life of students through the practical philosophy of life that is Yoga.

cpyoga method

Personalized teaching respecting the specific condition of each student, and the use of Yoga support materials, allow the student to integrate and apply Yoga techniques (tools) in their daily lives at their own pace.

Yoga involves a natural process of continual transformation.

It does not comment on how the practitioner can, or should, use their freedom. It simply reveals a possible road.

It involves the freedom to manage your practice rationally, in order to improve your psycho-physical integrity and your relationship with the world.

Creative process of balance based on physical, mental, material and emotional autonomy that lead to freedom.

Transmission of “jnana” knowledge and “shakti” power from teacher to student.

Intelligence in practice.

Understanding what the art of Yogasana is is the beginning of the real journey in the practice of Yoga.
All hours are good for practice.

Only conscious, regular and continuous practice leads us to the realization of Yoga.
Practice transforms your day.

Inner silence is achieved by continuing to pay attention to conscious breathing.
Listen to your body, practice consciously.

Feel your inner universe.