In-person and Online Hatha Yoga classes that are dynamic and challenging. Organized by levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. They have a profound impact and action at physical and organic level, contributing to the practitioner's inner balance.


They are intended for all students who would like to receive more personalized teaching assistance, and who specifically aim to improve their practical, technical, and theoretical Yoga knowledge.


The retreats are a way to enhance the quality of practice and knowledge of yoga. They are aimed at all ages and practice levels and allow the practitioner to withdraw to a quiet atmosphere.


They address a specific Hatha Yoga theme or technique, allowing practitioners to explore and develop their practice in a more intensive, detailed and conscious way.


Open classes, lectures and a large annual meeting are some events that we regularly organize in Portugal and Spain. Disseminating and dignifying Yoga as an art, in its technical and philosophical aspects. Promoting Yoga practice for everyone, is our objective.