Another refreshing suggestion for the hot days of summer.

Days are still long, we spent more time out of the house and besides our yoga practice we spent many energies in several ludic activities such as going to the beach, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing.

After the physical effort, you need to recover by resting but also replenishing the energy expended.

This milkshake is refreshing, leaves us satiated but light.
It’s a great drink to take after a more intense physical effort or simply when we feel more tired and devitalized.

When we take the milkshake after physical activities, ideally, it should be ingested within the 30 minutes after exercise, when the body is more receptive and better absorbs its nutrients.

The super foods and other ingredients we include in the milkshake, help to recover from muscular and physical fatigue and to replenish energetic reserves that became depleted.

Ingredients (for approximately a 500gr cup):
– 250ml of rice milk
– 1 banana (or red fruits, mango, peach, …)
– 1 measure of flavored total Whey protein (chocolat, or mango, …)
– 1tsp of powder açai (Iswari or Biosamara brand)
– 1tsp of powder camu (Iswari or Biosamara brand)
– 1tbsp of Mix Omega 3 (grinded flax and chia seeds – Iswari brand)
– 1tsp of powder maca (Iswari or Biosamara brand)
– 1/2tsp of powder spirulina or chlorella (don’t use both – Iswari or Biosamara brand)
– 1tbsp of goji berries previously soaked
– 2 or 3 ice cubes
– 4 or 5 fresh mint leaves

Put the ingredients in the given order in a glass blender.
Turn on the blender, increasing the rotational speed gradually until the maximum speed and grind for 1 to 1,5 minutes.


– If you want to sweeten it, you can use Lucuma powder or Stevia, which are natural sweeteners without the harmful effects of sugar and low glycemic index.

* You’ll find all the dry ingredients used in natural product stores.