Cautions we should have before and after our yoga practice

Do not forget that Woodstock was on August 15, 1969 It’s been 45 years.

In 45 years the world has changed, and to do yoga is no longer enough to put some flowers on the head and give hands to each other, jumping and leaping in the countryside with the sound of the sitar from Ravi Shankar.

Don’t bring the wrists or ankles full of bracelets, the fingers or toes with rings, plus a lot of fashion necklaces around your neck. And please, never forget to turn off your phone before your yoga practice, because even if you have perlimpimpim songs as your ringtone, believe me that no one likes to be listening to polyphonic during practice.

If you do not intend to spend the intire yoga practice full of heartburn and nausea, don’t eat a meal or snack before you come to your yoga practice.

Don’t forget to arrive a few minutes before your yoga practice starts, so you can turn off from your day to day, and get ready to take time for yourself.

Enjoy the end of your practice, and get up without dirturbing your classmates.

make your life easier, we synthesized a set of useful advices and precautions so that you can enjoy your yoga practice to the fullest:

Advices and precautions for your yoga practice

  1. Avoide eating on the three hours before you come to practice.
  2. Take a hot bath before practice is great to prepare the body.
  3. Don’t come to practice with your body full of moisturizer, because you’ll spend the time sliping in stiky-mat (yoga mat) and you will have a huge difficulty on practicing correctly.
  4. Clothing recommended:
    .For men – shorts and t-shirts, or sleeveless shirt
    .For women – bermuda shorts, t-shirt, top or a sleeveless shirtClothing should be preferably cotton, lightweight and comfortable, tight to the body so that the teacher can correct your posture.
  5. Try to get 10 minutes before the start of the class, to be able to change clothes calmly and initiate practice without the daily rush.
  6. Turn off your phone to avoid disturbing classes.
  7. Take care not to bring bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches and long earrings that only will disrupt and disturb your concentration. In addition you can hurt yourself or your colleagues.
  8. If you have long hair, bring it tied.
  9. Especially in summer, when we walk in sandals and sweat more, wash your feet before you go to the stiky-mat (yoga mat). Not only prevents you from slipping during practice, as it is also a matter of hygiene.
  10. We also advise you to bring a small towel.
  11. If you have any skin problem, bring your own stiky-mat.

When you have finished your yoga practice “Enjoy the moment”.

  1. When the class ends, do not get up abruptly.
  2. Avoid talking or making noise in the room, because your colleagues are also quietly returning.
  3. We appreciate that you put back the material that you used appropriately.

We wish you some great yoga practices following these advices and cautions, which are no more than some easygoing common sense rules.

A friendly hug.