Instructor’s Training Course

Designed for those who want to learn and develop, with seriousness, the art of teaching Yoga.

Lisbon • Valencia | October to July

This course is aimed at practitioners with over 3 years of regular yoga practice with teachers trained by CPY who have previously and successfully completed the Development of Personal Practice course (C.D.P.P).

It consists of a monthly seminar (week-end), with a total duration of 3 academic years.

The course must be accompanied by 2-4 weekly practice classes with a teacher, and 4-6 hours of study and individual practice per week.

In this course all the theoretical and practical topics of interest and relevance for Yoga instructor training are discussed and studied, such as:

• Physical postures (Ásana)

• Breathing exercises (Pránáyáma)

• Relaxation techniques (Yoganidra)

• Meditation (Samyama)

• Purification exercises (Kriyas)

• Yoga history and philosophy

• Yoga teaching techniques and pedagogy

• Anatomy and physiology

• Ethics for Yoga teachers

Annual evaluation tests are performed, and before finishing the third year of training, the student must do an internship at CPY.

All students are guided towards the development of their own practice in a personalized way, and according to their particular characteristics.