Instructor’s Training Course

Designed for those who want to learn and develop, with seriousness, the art of teaching Yoga.

Lisbon • Valencia | October to July

This course is aimed at practitioners with over 3 years of regular yoga practice with teachers trained by CPY who have previously and successfully completed the Development of Personal Practice course (C.D.P.P).

It consists of a monthly seminar (week-end), with a total duration of 3 academic years.

The course must be accompanied by 2-4 weekly practice classes with a teacher, and 4-6 hours of study and individual practice per week.

In this course all the theoretical and practical topics of interest and relevance for Yoga instructor training are discussed and studied, such as:

• Physical postures (Ásana)

• Breathing exercises (Pránáyáma)

• Relaxation techniques (Yoganidra)

• Meditation (Samyama)

• Purification exercises (Kriyas)

• Yoga history and philosophy

• Yoga teaching techniques and pedagogy

• Anatomy and physiology

• Ethics for Yoga teachers

Annual evaluation tests are performed, and before finishing the third year of training, the student must do an internship at CPY.

All students are guided towards the development of their own practice in a personalized way, and according to their particular characteristics.

How long do I need to practice Yoga to sign up in the yoga instructors course?

You must have between 6 months to 1 year (we recommend 1 to 2 years) of regular and consistent Hatha Yoga practice at CPYOGA, or with one of our accredited instructors.

So that you can start with a solid foundation of knowledge, experience, and mastery of the basic techniques of Hatha Yoga.

Can a beginner practitioner sign up in the yoga instructors course?

You can, as long as you meet the previous requirement. You should also maintain your regular weekly practice (a minimum of 2x/week) at CPYOGA, or with one of our accredited teachers.

How long is this yoga instructor course?

The course has a total duration of 3 years, and a total of 240h in person. In addition to these hours, the student should reserve 3 to 5 hours/week to practice, study and complete the requested homework.

In the yoga instructors course, and to pass the year, do I have to be examined?

Although we follow a continuous evaluation method, at the end of each year the student has a practical and theoretical evaluation exam, and only moves from year to year if they pass.

Can I introduce myself as a CPYOGA Yoga teacher and teach while I am attending the yoga instructor course?

No. The student is only qualified to give Yoga instructions, to be a Yoga instructor, when he successfully completes the 3 years of the course and receives his Hatha Yoga instructor diploma.

I don’t intend to be a Yoga instructor, but I want to learn more about myself and Hatha Yoga. Can I sign up in the yoga instructors course?

Yes. You must, however, take tests (exams at the end of each of the 3 years) and pass them, in order to be able to move from year to year and finish the course.

What is the content of the yoga instructor training course?

  1. Study of the philosophical, technical, and practical texts of Hatha Yoga.
  2. Development and understanding of Yoga as a practical lifestyle.
  3. Technical learning for the progression of simple and complex Hatha Yoga ásanas.
  4. Technical, theoretical and practical bases for the sustained development of Pránáyáma ​​techniques.
  5. Practice and theory that supports the execution of Hatha Yoga Kriyas (Sat Karma).
  6. Practical and theoretical development of the techniques of Samyama (Meditation) characteristic of Hatha Yoga.
  7. Learning how to use yoga materials to improve the quality of practice.
  8. Pedagogical components for teaching Hatha Yoga.
  9. Ethics in Yoga Teachers.