Introduction to breathing techniques (Pránáyáma)

A practical course and introduction to breathing techniques, accessible to all practitioners.

Pránáyáma techniques are not simply a set of breathing exercises to keep the blood more oxygenated.

Through the implementation of specific breathing techniques, Prana (energy) is properly absorbed, stored, controlled and distributed throughout the body.

In order for students to enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Pránáyáma, this course will address techniques that aim to promote the expansion and awareness of the rib-cage and, internally, of the lungs – organs we use to breathe (and not the abdominal area) – thus promoting a better circulation of prana through the body.

In this 1st module the following topics are addressed:

  • Pránáyáma preparation
  • The ásanas suitable for pránáyáma practice
  • The material used
  • The energetic body
  • Pre-Pránáyáma techniques
  • Pránáyáma techniques
  • Individual practice.