Personal Practice Development

For those who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga and develop their individual practice.

Lisbon • Valencia | October to July

This course is open to all practitioners who have over a year of regular yoga practice and who are students of teachers trained and accredited by CPY.

It is intended for all students who want more personalized teaching assistance, and who specifically aim to improve their practical, technical, and theoretical Yoga knowledge.

It is also indicated for practitioners wishing to begin the Yoga Instructor Training Course.

On this course (CDPP) the student is taught the three complete sequences of Ásana. These sequences have specific features and different levels of difficulty, and allow the student, in their own home, to develop a diverse Yoga practice that is stimulating and balanced.

Students are also taught the basic breathing techniques (Pránáyáma) and the fundamentals of meditation and relaxation techniques (Yoganidra).

The course lasts for nine months, with one seminar per month, beginning in October and ending in June.

What are the objectives of the CPYOGA personal practice course?

To allow those who are already practitioners of Hatha Yoga to progress and perfect their personal practice with more personalized monitoring and teaching.

Improve your practical, technical and theoretical knowledge in yoga.

Can a begginer practitioner sign up in the personal practice course?

This course is accessible to all students who have already had at least 6 months of practice at our centre, or with one of our accredited instructors.

How long is this personal practice course?

The course lasts for 3 trimesters.

Does the personal practice course have final exams?

It does not have exams, as it is a course aimed specifically at the student’s personal practice and inner development.

Does this course enable me to teach Yoga?

Being a course dedicated to the development of individual practice, it does not have the practical, technical, theoretical and pedagogical components that are part of the training course for yoga instructors. It does not give qualifications to teach Yoga.

What is the content of the personal practice course?

This course teaches:

  • 3 complete Ásana sequences – with different characteristics and difficulty levels, allow the student, at home, to develop a diversified, stimulating and balanced practice of Yoga.
  • The basics of breathing techniques (Pránáyáma ​​)
  • The fundamentals of meditation (Samyama) and relaxation techniques (Yoganidra).