Shankprakshalana Lisbon

A meeting scheduled for teachers and advanced practitioners.

Focus: Sat-Karma Cleansing Techniques

Duration: 4 days

This retreat is held at two particular times of the year: early spring and autumn.

A special feature of the retreat is Mauna (absolute silence). Three of the four days of the retreat are spent in Mauna.

The event location was chosen in order to allow the practitioner suitable solitude and tranquillity.

The retreat’s team of teachers has more than 21 years of experience in Shanka Praksálana

Literal Meaning

Shanka = shell
Prakshalána = to deeply clean the digestive tract

Shanka Prakshalána

It is a cleansing and purification method without aggression. Total cleansing from the mouth to the anus. The entire digestive tract is cleaned, all the impurities are expelled.

To perform the Shanka Praksálana you should be accompanied by an experienced guide, in who you can trust, who leads you, in a precise way, through the exercise preparation and, also through the period before and after the cleansing.

Proper preparation and nutrition

Preparation for the exercise begins 6 days before, through a change of diet which aims to clean the stomach and intestines to facilitate the performance of Shanka Prakshaláná, this diet is continued for 5 days after exercise. (The nutrition and diet before, during, and after the Shanka Prakshaláná, is very specific and must be guided by an experienced teacher).

Forbidden Food

Alcohol, coffee, black tea and green tea, dairy products, food chemicals, acid fruits (orange, lemon, pineapple, etc.), flour and bread – in order to adopt the recommended regime for this retreat.


You should avoid exposing yourself to excessive professional and social demands in the days before, and at least two days after the retreat. Use your common sense.

Shanka Prakshalána Effects

The accumulation of toxic substances in the intestine poisons the blood. These substances are the cause of many diseases that later go on to affect various levels of our organism. The entire body benefits from this cleaning of the whole digestive system.

The blood is purified and digestive system disorders are eliminated. Yoga practitioners will feel a greater lightness, serenity and well-being inside, as well as a greater clarity of mind.

NOTE: For the success of this exercise it is essential that all steps (food and physical) are performed. Neglecting any step can lead to failure, compromising the effectiveness of this practice.

Remember that for those who perform this technique for the first time, monitoring by an experienced guide is necessary.