CPYOGA – Follow our path

We believe that individual freedom, challenges the status quo.

This unconditioned state is beyond all limitations.

The method CPYOGA was born for whomever searches that freedom!

Freedom (Samãdhi)

The Individual freedom in Yoga, Samadhi, is only achieved through systematic practice of its techniques. This particular deconditioning starts with the asana techniques (physical postures) that release and integrate the physicality in the development of spirituality.

Then the Prãnãyãma techniques emerge to us on the subtle world of conscious control of the prana internal rhythms.

The continued development of controlling the prana leads us spontaneously to the state of Prathyahara (abstraction of the senses). Only in this delicate state in which our “senses windows” to the outside are consciously disconnected, starting the natural inner recollection, necessary to the practice of Samyama (Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi).

Constraints (Dukkha Traya)

Therefore, the 5 overall vrittis affecting consciousness: Pramana (right knowledge), Viparyaya (wrong knowledge), Vikalpa (fancy or imagination), Nidra (sleep) and Smriti (memory).

Which result in all our physical, mental and emotional constraints, and to all that are imposed by external conditions, are observed as substances of our present existence, for which we have the freedom to keep us identified or not.

Our Path

We believe that spiritual development and inner calm are to achieve here and now.

Thorough knowledge we have, of the unique path and challenges that each student encounters, in their road to freedom.

This is, what drives us to promote and practice the CPYOGA method, that allows to safely practice yoga having the respect by every being characteristics.