Intermediate Yoga Classes

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss our Intermediate Yoga Classes at CPYOGA

Do you want to take your Yoga practice to the next level? Don’t waste any more time.

Enrol in our studio, where we offer intermediate Yoga classes for our students taught by experienced teachers.

All our teachers are certified by CPYOGA and will guide you through more advanced and complex postures and sequences, helping you delve into their subtleties and connection with the practice.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should try our intermediate Yoga classes.

1. Challenge Yourself.

As an intermediate student, you should have a solid foundation in the basic concepts of yoga practice and be ready to tackle more advanced postures and sequences. Our teachers will guide you through the more advanced practices, helping you understand their subtleties and overcome their challenges.

2. Develop Greater Concentration and Focus.

As you progress in your practice, calming the mind and staying focused on the present moment becomes easier. Increased concentration and focus will benefit you in all areas of your life—professional, emotional, and spiritual.

3. Improve Your Flexibility and Strength.

As an intermediate student, you will delve deeper into postures and work on the intricacies of more advanced variations. Building a deeper level of flexibility and strength will help improve your body awareness and enhance your overall well-being.

4. Learn New Breathing Techniques (Pranayama).

Intermediate classes include more advanced pranayama (breathing) techniques such as Nadi Shodhana, Ujjayi, Bhastrika, and Kapalabhati. These techniques contribute to developing greater control over your breath and promote better cellular oxygenation, deepening your connection with the practice.

5. Take Your Practice to the Next Level by Booking a Trial Class at CPYOGA.

We understand that trying something new often means stepping out of your comfort zone. That’s why we offer trial classes for all intermediate students. This way, you can objectively experience what our intermediate yoga classes are like and determine if they align with what you’re seeking and desiring for yourself.

Don’t wait any longer.

Sign up for a trial class and embrace the challenge of taking your yoga practice to a more advanced level.

In intermediate yoga classes, you can benefit from the vast experience of our teachers and allow yourself to be safely and methodically guided through more advanced postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama).

We are confident that in our classes, you will deepen your understanding and connection with the practice of yoga.

Let us help you enhance your practice.

Book your experimental class

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