About us

Yoga, as a psychophysical technique, has universal applicability. It is free from reducing factors such as cultural, social, educational, political and economic.

CPYOGA was founded in 1986 by Carlos Rui, and a group of students and Yoga practitioners, with the aim of dignifying, transmitting and disseminating the practice of Yoga as an Art and lifestyle, in its technical and philosophical aspects.

CPYOGA’s guiding principles were then defined, later also transferred to other accredited CPYOGA centres:

In the teaching field:

  • Preserve traditional, technical and philosophical teaching in the practice of Yoga.
  • Organize teaching programs that respect the natural particularities of practitioners, and the natural pace of progression of each one.
  • Promoting a stimulating and healthy practice and interaction between students and teaching staff, through a personalized teaching structure, based on small classes.
  • Cultivate a good mood and a sense of humour.

In the training area:

Our Yoga instructor training course works in Portugal and Spain.

Train Yoga instructors, providing them with the techniques and tools necessary to teach Hatha Yoga anywhere in the world

The teaching programs integrate the practical, technical and theoretical aspects of Hatha Yoga.

The Hatha Yoga instructor at CPYOGA is characterized by his humanity, compassion, personal and professional seriousness, rigour and flexibility in the transmission and teaching of Hatha Yoga techniques.

Our certified teachers are regularly asked to teach in different places and countries.

Many have already opened their own Yoga centres, and we currently have several CPYOGA in different countries:

In Portugal: Lisbon, Braga e Santo Tirso
In Spain: Valência, Puçol, Torrent, L’Eliana, Barcelona, Tenerife and Alzira.

We also have accredited teachers teaching in other places and cities.