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Yoga Master Carlos Rui Ferreira

Better is possible

XIS: When you made ​​this lifestyle choice?

Carlos Rui: Instead of a degree course, I opted first for a different, more vegetarian diet and simultaneously made ​​a journey that evolved by oriental arts such as Yoga and Shiatsu.

XIS: It was a spiritual option?

Carlos Rui: No, it was purely technical. These arts have been very misleading in mysticism, and therefore I bet on a purely technical route.

XIS: Where does your training done?

Carlos Rui: In India.

XIS: It was easy to get to the masters?

Carlos Rui: It was not easy, I had great difficulties because I came to India with a set of addresses and found that it was a physical impossibility to meet with the great masters I sought.

XIS: Why?

Carlos Rui: Because they lived in the extremes of that huge country. One in the south, one in the middle and one in the north. It was difficult to get to them, and it was hard getting used to the climate of India, the pace of people, to everything.

XIS: What were the directions you had?

Carlos Rui: The best of the teachers who were and are Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois and Satyananda.

XIS: How did you know about their existence?

Carlos Rui: Through the readings and the contacts I made. Knew they worked exclusively on technical and practical area, and as I said, that was what interested me.

XIS: How were you received by the masters?

Carlos Rui: Very badly, as is the tradition. The Orientals are very rigid and almost threw us out. They do not have the same rules of Western schools where we do an entrance exam, pay a subscription and have access to classes.

XIS: What is the idea of mistreating an apprentice?

Carlos Rui: It is precisely to discourage the curious and make a selection of those who are truly interested in learning.

XIS: How did you do?

Carlos Rui: I waited sitting for days until given permission to attend classes.

XIS: It was humiliating?

Carlos Rui: No. It’s a matter of respect for Indian tradition. True masters of oriental arts do not have the patience to put up with curious and have to realize that on our side there is a strong motivation and a willingness to learn.

XIS: Apparently the process of integration was not the slowest.

Carlos Rui: No, in fact. Today, each of these masters has a waiting list of 5-6 years. Maybe I have a lucky star.

XIS: Or perhaps you are a determined and persistent person.

CR: I think so, that persistence worked in my favour.

XIS: How long you pass per year in India?

Carlos Rui: At first, I was six months here and six months there. Now I can only go for periods of two months. I cannot leave my stuff for longer.

XIS: The Yoga practitioners have to make any special diet?

Carlos Rui: No, each has its option, and I never made ​​any attempt to influence anyone in this field. My choice does not extend to others. Only if they want.

XIS:  At forty, you feel fulfilled with your choices?

Carlos Rui: Fully. I feel fine, I’m always relaxed and happy. I think I have to go to the doctor to ask for depression pills because maybe it’s not good being so well all the time!

XIS: What are your future projects?

Carlos Rui: I wish I had a farm exclusively linked to Yoga where I could do workshops, holiday, courses, etc…

XIS: And change definitely for the county?

Carlos Rui: No! Continued to have my space in Lisbon, but made there the courses and retreats outside the bustle of the city.

XIS: It is rewarding to feel that others enjoy your teachings to feel better about themselves and the world?

Carlos Rui: Very rewarding. In general, people get better quality of life. Because I do not do cushion yoga, and it is actually quite blunt, the people who attend my courses are more dynamic and improve incredibly their physical fitness.

XIS: You feel them different?

Carlos Rui: After two months the change is noticeable. They are more relaxed, happier, more communicative, and in better physical shape.

XIS: The food is not part of this change?

Carlos Rui: Food hygiene is a factor in quality of life that improves the physical condition, quality of rest and even humour. We are able to keep a more open relationship with the world around us, but it is always a personal choice. Never been and will not be imposed.

XIS: Your tranquillity and good humour is infectious. Nothing can disturb your inner peace?

Carlos Rui: A bad mood does not solve anything, only serves to increase internal toxins, cause hormonal and chemical changes that tarnish interior cleaning. Does not help solve the problems. I live in peace because I do what I like, I owe nothing to anyone and everything gives me pleasure. I’m happy that way.

Carlos Rui Ferreira, 41 years old, three teenagers sons, oriental arts master and expert practitioner of Yoga, Carlos Rui also does Shiatsu massages, gives courses and does training in these areas. In summary, spreads the talents. The profit is all ours.

By Maria Vaz Afonso