Alexandra Cunha Sequeira

To be able to transmit the teachings and benefits of this ancient art is a pleasure and a privilege!

Alexandra Sequeira graduated in Physical Education (P.E) and Sport. The desire to explore her limits, and to challenge herself, took her to her 1st yoga class in 1991, with yoga teacher Carlos Rui.

She completed the yoga instructor course at CPY, and in 1994, she began to teach. She then completed CPY’s advanced teacher course – intensive courses for yoga teachers in India.

She has been responsible for the beginner classes at CPY since 2000, and is co-trainer of yoga courses in Portugal and Spain.

Since day 1, yoga began to influence and positively engage with all aspects of her life. Inwardly stronger, she was able to overcome obstacles, wake up happy and energized, grateful for another day. “To observe situations from a different perspective, more comprehensive and unconditioned, provides a tasty sense of freedom and inner tranquility. To act, rather than react, makes us more aware of ourselves and of others.”