João Vilela

Yoga has influenced my life allowing me to be free and happy.

João Vilela has been a CPY practitioner since 1994. He began teaching since the biennium 1999/2000, after completion of the CPY training course. His first contact with yoga was in 1992. “A bad experience,” he says.

Two years later, by chance, he met yoga teacher Rui Carlos, with whom he had a long conversation with, in which he realized that what he had been doing had nothing to do with yoga. With him João discovers self-knowledge and an overall improvement in quality of life.

Today, yoga is an intrinsic part of João’s life. “It’s my way of being, of thinking and of seeing the universe”. There are possibilities to understand a more unconditioned life, with more maturity and richness.

In a single sentence, yoga has influenced his life allowing him to be free and happy.