Laura Manglano

Laura Manglano is passionate about Yoga and with extensive experience as an instructor, her mission is to provide high-quality classes and guide her students on their path to inner peace, balance, and well-being.

Laura Manglano follows in the inspiring footsteps of Carlos Rui when she began the instructor training course in 2016.

After years of dedication and studying the practice and methodology taught at CPYOGA studios, she began teaching as an instructor at CPYOGA studio in Valencia and L’Eliana.

In 2023, she assumed the management of the CPYOGA Torrent, founded by Ángel Martínez Sorli in 2014.

Laura Manglano as the aim of promoting and transmitting the practice of hatha Yoga with seriousness and rigour. Passing the teachings of its founder Carlos Rui as an art and a way of life.

CPYOGA in Torrent offers a unique experience for those who wish to experience the benefits of Yoga in a peaceful and welcoming environment.

If you are in Torrent, do not hesitate to visit us and join our committed community of Yoga practitioners.

We invite you to discover the transformative benefits of Yoga and find lasting balance in your life!