Leticia Ferran

“When I discovered Yoga, my life transformed in every aspect.”

Leticia Ferran Huete comes from the business world, and Yoga grounded her, allowing her to disconnect from the noise and discover her passion.

Leticia encountered Yoga in 2007 through Raquel Marrero, and in 2009, she travelled to Valencia for a PDP course taught by Carlos Rui, continuing with the teatcher training course.

After her training, she felt the need to convey the experience she had with Yoga.

“For me, Yoga changed my way of living and thinking. I want to share that essence with anyone who wishes to embark on the practice with joy, consistency, perseverance, and continuous observation.

I left the business world to be able to do and teach what is my passion, my life.

I am grateful to Carlos Rui and my colleagues who showed me the way, an endless path of observation and practice.”