Marta Jorge

For me, Yoga began as a curiosity, developed as a challenge and surpassed itself as a vocation.

After several experiences in different locations, I found an accredited CPYOGA teacher with whom I started my Hatha Yoga practice.

In 2010, already a CPYOGA practitioner, I signed up for the Personal Practice Development Course, where I learned that Yoga is a discipline that extends far beyond the dimension of the practice mat (sticky-mat). I learned to breathe.

The biggest challenge was creating a personal routine and, today, this routine is essential for my physical and mental balance.

I attended the Instructor Training Course between 2014 and 2017 to deepen my knowledge, but after my first experience as an instructor, I was hooked!

Having the possibility of sharing my experience with rigor, lightness and humor is a privilege.

Since the first class, it has been rewarding and motivating to be able to help each student in their personal discovery of the benefits of practicing Yoga.