Nely Peña

“I like Yoga, I feel comfortable and happy giving classes; I would be happy teaching anywhere in the world.”

Marianela Peña Raez, a Cuban national, began practicing yoga 14 years ago, and has been teaching for 12 years now.

She did her training at CPYOGA in Valencia, under Master Carlos Rui.

One of the main reasons that led Marianela to practice Yoga was her quest for self-knowledge and an understanding of others.

“When I started practicing Yoga, I noticed changes in my thinking, my behaviour, my lifestyle and almost everything around me (work, interaction with others, friends, reading, etc.).

Yoga has enabled me to get to know myself and to understand others better, yet it is much more than this, it is part of my life – I am unable to describe in words what it truly is.

Every day I dive deeper into its teachings. Every day I learn something new and I understand how much I need to learn, so I like to keep in touch with the people who led me down this path, especially with Master Carlos Rui”.

Marianela came to Uruguay three years ago from Spain. After teaching in Chuy and in several surrounding cities, due to an increasing interest in learning Yoga skills and demand for Yoga classes, the need arose for a larger venue and an extended time schedule.

An easily accessible venue, near the centre of the city, was sought and in August 2014 the School of Art “La Cubana” was founded by Marianela Peña, and is today a recognized CPYOGA centre.