Rosalina Martins

The regular practice of Yoga transformed her, totally influencing her life!

Teacher Rosalina Martins started practising yoga in 2008, initially out of curiosity.
Upon realizing the benefits it brought her on a physical, psychological and spiritual level, his curiosity increased, and he began to practice regularly.

The regular practice of Yoga transformed her, completely influencing her life.

She completed his training at CPYOGA Lisbon with teachers Carlos Rui and Alexandra Sequeira in 2014.

Soon after her training, she taught in several gyms, of which the following stand out:
Kickoff, Actualfit, Eden Spa and Dançando com as Artes, among others.

Later, in October 2016, she founded CPYOGA Santo Tirso with the aim of dignifying, promoting and disseminating the practice of Yoga, following the guiding principles of CPYOGA Lisboa.