The Yoga-Sútra of Patañjali

This week we advise you a great book to read, study and reflect on vacation.

Often yoga practitioners to easily engage with a passion and determination in the practice of yoga, neglecting his philosophical and theoretical context.

To improve this area of ​​knowledge of the student of yoga, please read Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali.”

this book has lots of translations.

We advise you to read the translation of Georg Feuerstein The Yoga-Sútra of Patanjali.”

This internationally renowned author discusses seriously, albeit in a somewhat scholastic form the Yoga-Sutra, being however his book a great tool to study, reflect and collect useful information for the practice and serious understanding of yoga.

Not being exactly a novel, is in fact an encouragement to all those who seek to study yoga in a committed way.

May encounter this book on Amazon and maybe find some 2nd hand copies , if it suits you .

Of course you will find many other authors and translations. Resist the temptation to buy them merely because these authors have translations in the language you find it easier to read, because we find that many translations, mainly in Portuguese, are inaccurate, biased, reaching even to the point of having only slight resemblance to the original text .

By the way, this book is great to carry in your beach bag, because it is small and light, and allows us to maintain that special pleasure of smelling and feel the fingers touch the paper.

Good readings!

We hope you enjoy our suggestion and we look forward to get your feed-backs.