Tip to start the day with energy!

Many times I have wanted to start the day with something healthier that gives me more energy, instead of the traditional coffee with milk and bread and butter, or a cake full of sugar!

I aimed to choose something tasty to make me feel nourished, but something light and energizing for everyday tasks. Something that was quick to prepare and that would at the same time strengthen the immune system from the “aggression” that is the subject of city life. And something that would not leave me starving for more then an hour!

After many visits to health food stores, and some of my own experiments that were more or less successful in terms of taste, I have selected some delicious suggestions to help you start your day.

Today’s suggestion is great for summer time, that asks for fresh foods; however, if the weather is more cold, you can substitute the barley milk, for milk buckwheat and give it a little warm up.

The barley milk helps to decrease the inner temperature of the body, especially if you serve it cold. As for cereal flakes, one can opt for the traditional oatmeal (gives you energy), but nowadays there are many other options: wheat, spelt, quinoa, corn…

What is important is that they are pre-cooked, since the recipe does not involve cooking, to be even more practical.

The flax seeds are great for the intestinal passage, and the remaining ingredients – today called super foods – have excellent antioxidant properties, strengthening our immune system, which I will talk about in the coming weeks.



– 1/2 cup (200 ml) of barley milk (hot or cold)
– 1/2 cup (200 ml) of cereal flakes sugarless and pre-cooked
– 1 coffee cup of açaí powder, Iswari or Biosamara brand
– 1 coffee cup of camu camu powder, Iswari or Biosamara brand
– 1 coffee cup of flaxseed powder, Iswari or Biosamara brand
– 1 cup of goji berry soup previously soaked
– Cinnamon and cardamom powder, for the taste (optional)

If you want to sweeten this suggestion, you can use agave syrup, coconut sugar or white stevia – natural sweeteners that do not have harmful effects like sugar and have low glycemic indexes.


Place the dry ingredients into a cup (200ml). Pour the milk gradually and stir to make sure all ingredients are mixed in well.

Satisfying and delicious!

(*) You may choose from other cereal milk or oilseed crops (almonds, hazelnuts …).
* You can find the ingredients in natural health food stores.