Yoga postures & Asanas – Basic to Advanced

Hatha Yoga includes a set of techniques, the best known and widespread is Asana.

Asana means psychophysical posture.

The aim of the postures (Asana) is to remain comfortable, so that their psychophysical action can take place.
Practice must be continuous and regular, allowing recovery of joint mobility and the fundamental integration of conscious and rhythmic breathing.

The Asanas are divided into groups of postures, according to their similarities/differences.

For example: standing postures, retroflections, balances, inversions, etc.

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Its execution, effects, contraindications, care to be taken, the use of support material, and some examples of Yoga sequences that you can practice at home. More basic, or more advanced.

Group of Postures – The Balances

For all yoga practitioners, but especially for beginners, the balancing postures are generally considered the most difficult to perform, particularly the balance in a single